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Attractions at the Labyrinth Experience

Cosplay Workshop - 'Where to Start: Breaking down Sarah's dress'

Valentine Moon will be teaching this fantastic workshop, breaking down the huge project of creating Sarah's dress into its components, everything from the undergarments to the Wig. This workshop will be taught into two parts. Part 1 on Saturday & Part 2 on Sunday. 


This workshop is free to attend for all pass holders, booking may be required.

LE Banner Cosplay Workshop.png

Workshop - Puppetry with Louise Gold & Bee Daws 

 A fun and interactive workshop led by Jim Henson Company puppeteer Louise Gold. Louise is well known for her work in the Muppets, Dark Crystal and Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance as well as portraying the Queen of England in 'spitting image' and working on various other Films and TV shows. Bio here. This workshop will be approx 45 minutes long and will teach you some of the tricks of the trade! Please bring your own puppet if you can as as practice puppets will be limited. If you would like to purchase a puppet from Bee Daws, you will find her stall in the fantasy market (her puppets are great). 

Workshop cost: £7.50pp

Book now

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Experience - Meet The Mrs Tearoom  

 After nearly 40 years of waiting, we finally get to meet the Mrs!! This Experience combines two of our greatest loves; Tea & Labyrinth. Join the Worm & The Mrs for a lovely cuppa tea and piece of cake in their very own themed Tearoom. This experience will be available on Saturday 11:00am-4:00pm & Sunday 11:00am -4:30pm. No booking required but you may need to queue for a table.  The cost of food & drink here is not included  any ticket pass. 

LE Banner Mrs Tearoom.png

Activity - Solve the Labyrinth & rescue the Babe! 

Make your way through the Labyrinth (West Wycombe Park), meeting familiar faces and collecting clue's to solve the Labyrinth and rescue Toby (Froud)!  1 clue trail pack per ticket pass. Free to enter and prizes to be won. 

LE Banner Solve the Labyrinth.png

Workshop - Helping Hands

The Helping Hands are a group of sentient hands in a deep chute found in the Labyrinth. They communicate by grouping together to form faces, complete with moving mouths and expressive eyes. Sarah falls into the shaft of hands and is taking down deeper into the Labyrinth.


Have a go at creating helping hands with performers from the movie! This is a fun and interactive workshop suitable for all ages. 

This workshop is free for all ticket passes, no need to pre book, please arrive at workshop 5 minutes before the start time. 

LE BannerHelping Hands workshop.png

Workshop - Watercolour painting with Iris Compiet

Would you like to have a go at painting some beloved characters from Labyrinth with an award winning artist? We are pleased to announce that Iris Compiet with be holding a very special Labyrinth themed watercolour workshop on the Saturday & Sunday. Suitable for ages 9+. Places are limited, booking will be available soon. All materials are provided but please feel free to bring along your own art books/art pads. 

Cost: £5.00 pp 

Book now

Activity- Watercolour Workshop.png

Workshop - Ballroom Dancing with The Goblin King Players

When preparing for Jareth's masquerade we often talk about fancy costumes and masks but what about the dancing? Join the Goblin King Players for this interactive workshop and you'll be taught how to waltz, signature moves from the film and you'll even come away from it with a small routine you can use at the Masked Ball.

This workshop is free for all ticket passes.  This workshop is approximately 30 minutes. Please arrive at the workshop marquee 5 minutes before the workshop start time. 

LE Banner Dance Workshop.png

Experience - Dance with the Goblin King - SOLD OUT

Guests who are attending the Masked Ball on Saturday 9th September  will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to dance with the 'Goblin King Players' Goblin King. Tickets include photos of your special immersive encounter. Limited to 45 guests!

Price: $10/£8.50* 

To book a slot click here.

*Based on the conversion rate dated 24.05.2023. 

LE Banner Dance with GK Experience.png

Talk - Lessons Learned Film

We are treating you to a showing of Toby Froud's beautiful Film 'Lessons Learned' followed by a panel talk and Q & A with some of the cast and crew of the film. Including Toby Froud (Director & Writer), Brandie Sylfae (Spider Fate), William Todd-Jones (The Boy) & Maeve Callahan (set fabrication & artwork). This is  rare treat not to be missed!

This talk is included in all pass types and will take place on the main stage. No booking necessary.  

LE Banner Lessons Learned talk.png

Talk - Two Generations of Labyrinth 

A fascinating insight into the making of Labyrinth from Brian & Wendy Froud who will be joined by their son Toby Froud who was not only the baby in Labyrinth but has also gone on to follow in his parents footsteps working on Jim Henson company projects such as The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance & Guillermo Del Toro's Pinocchio. The talk will end with an audience Q & A session so have your questions at the ready! 

The Froud family will be doing a talk on both Saturday & Sunday. The talk is free to attend for all Pass holders. No additional booking necessary. Talk schedule will be published 2 weeks before the event date.  


Talk - Faeries to Beasts with Iris Compiet

Award winning artist Iris Compiet will be discussing what it was like to create the beautiful Labyrinth & Dark Crystal Bestiaries plus her wonderful book Faeries of the Faultline's. Talk is followed by an audience Q & A. 

This talk will take place at the main event on Saturday 9th September and is free to all pass holders. 

Jareth 2 IC.jfif

Experience - Dance with Sarah

Guests who are attending the Masked Ball on Saturday 9th September  will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to dance with the 'Goblin King Players' Sarah. Tickets include photos of your special immersive encounter. Limited to 45 guests!

Price: $10/£7.80* 

To book a slot click here.

*Based on the conversion rate dated 20/07/2023 

LE Banner Dance with Sarah.png

Workshop - Kids Puppet Workshop

Bee invites you to enter a world of creativity and making, as she guides you through building your very own simple puppet, that you can decorate in whatever way you want! Monsters, animals, people or a brand new creature you made up yourself. Bee encourages you to imagine fun stories and build performances that you can share with your family. Bee will then show you simple puppetry techniques to start bringing your character to life.


Please note this will be an interactive session where you will be creating and making, materials will be supplied. Free for Children. 

LE Banner Childrens Puppet workshop.png


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